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From a young age I would draw pictures of girls with long hair, long eyelashes and beautiful dresses! Then In my teens I would pluck my friends eyebrows in the changing room when we were meant to be getting ready for PE! Might even pierce an ear or two, unqualified at the time lol. I even got detention for applying my eyeliner during class whooops! I think I had it in me from a young age! When I left school I felt a bit lost. I wasn’t ready for the big wide world, so I decided to stay on at sixth form and study leisure and tourism with me friend Caroline, but unfortunately it just wasn’t for me!

One day I went to have a look around Newcastle college to possibly study art because this was the one thing I did enjoy! Whilst walking around the college my friend rang me and told me she was off enrole on a beauty therapy course! I thought to myself I might enjoy that and so I enrolled myself and who knew she dropped out and I stuck at it! Since then I’ve stayed within the beauty sector I’ve studied beauty therapy, nail anatomy, media hair and makeup and semi permanent makeup! And that’s just narrowing it down I’ve worked in salons ran spas worked on the cosmetics and owned my own beauty salon! I still carry out my semi permanent makeup services where clients will travel far and wide. I decided to start my own blog because this is my passion and this is me!

Winner Best Semi-permanent Make-up Award North East 2019

‘I am so proud that I won and was honoured an award by the North East beauty industry awards 2019 for semi-permanent make-up. I am still walking on sunshine. I had no idea ibrow junkie was chosen as the winner. My husband was ecstatic for me whilst I was walking in a dream, thank you so much everyone who supports iBrowJunkie

iBrow Junkie Wins award North East beauty industry awards 2019

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