Permanent Make-up Price Lists

Lip Filler Price list

1.1ml revolax – £180
1ml juvederm – £200 – £220
2ml juvederm- From £350

Semi-permanent Brows by Ibrow junkie

Powder Brow£399
Ombré Brow£399
Hair Stroke Brows£399
Combination Brow£399
(includes 6-8 week tweak if required)

Eyebrow Colour Refresh

6-12 month – £180
12-18 month – £230
Any work over 18 month old is price on request

Semi-permanent Eyeliner

Full Shaded Lash Enhancement – £395
Natural Lash Enhancement – £300
Latino Eyeliner£450

Semi-permanent Lips

Lip Blush£450
Beauty Spot£100

*Discount available when booking more than one treatment on the same day
07792546707 to book x

Any of my previous work over 18 month old is price on request, we usually ask for a picture so we can assess the time and work required for your appointment

*Please note
I offer Semi-permanent make-up, machine method only, NOT microblading

NB: We require a £100 non refundable deposit to secure your appointment slot, balance to be paid on the day of treatment
We accept all major credit and debit cards 💳

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Terms & Conditions Of PMU Services

Please note
If you change your mind on the day of treatment at the end of the consultation and decide not to take my professional advice or proceed with the next stage of the appointment, the deposit cost covers the consultation price and is non refundable as specified and agreed upon booking.

Please note
I can refuse to carry out treatment on yourself should I not be comfortable completing any requests for semi-permanent make-up that I feel is not appropriate or suitable.

Please note
Here at ibrow junkie we are using the latest techniques and products to ensure you get the best results in just one treatment if your aftercare is 100% adhered too. If you fail to follow your aftercare IBROW JUNKIE can not be held responsible for any loss of pigment.

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